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Who am I?

Andrey Slonski, also known as Droshik, was born in the country of Georgia but grew up in Israel.

It was in Jerusalem's legendary Ha'oman 17 nightclub that he discovered and became fascinated by the electronic music scene.

Love at first sound, Droshik immersed himself in the music, from being one of the last people on the dance floor at many of the country's clubs to spinning records at private house parties and local bars. In the early to mid-2000s, Droshik began dabbling with his own music production. Having no prior musical training or experience turned out to be in his favor as being forced to figure things out by himself ultimately shaped his unique style and sound.

In 2021, Droshik got introduced to the wonderful world of NFTs and digital art. And immediately immersed himself in the creation, trading and building process, of NFT projects which ultimately lead to him finding his purpose in this space.

Deciding upon his artist name was a no-brainer. "Droshik" was a nickname given to Andrey by his childhood friends, to whom he's still close after more than 20 years.

Now residing in Chicago, Droshik finds inspiration from a wide range of artists and genres. With his sound and art style constantly evolving, he's excited for the journey ahead, and looks forward to his fans and community being part of it. 🤟 😎 ❤️

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